Do you have a computer that needs repair?
Our services: We have some of the best computer repair technicians in the business and are here to help you and your clients.  We routinely repair/refurbish desktop and laptop personal computers that are brought in by clients.  This includes services like installing Windows 10, reinstalling Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 and replacing laptop hardware such as broken screens, cooling fans, damaged keyboards, chargers and batteries. How much does it cost? We will examine and diagnose a computer for free and tell you what we think is needed to make it functional again.  If, sometimes, there is nothing that can be done we will tell you so. You can be assured that our repair prices are significantly lower than retail businesses. Who is eligible for computer repairs? Any client with a referral, or who has already provided a referral, can have their computer(s) repaired.  The computer doesn’t need to be one that was obtained from Phoenix.  Many times clients will already have a computer but it isn’t working properly and we can help. If the needed repair doesn’t involve using one of our Microsoft licenses, we can do repairs for anyone and no referral is needed.  Bring it in and we would be glad to take a look at it for free.
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