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Business Donations
Businesses regularly upgrade and replace functional computer equipment to stay current with technology. Phoenix Computers provides a safe and cost-effective method of disposing of your unneeded hardware. By donating computer equipment to Phoenix Computers, you can be assured that your refurbished equipment will be securely wiped, refurbished, and distributed at mimimal cost to disadvantaged groups, individuals, and families in our community. Your data will be wiped clean to DOD and HIPAA standards. A wiping certificate can be provided if we are advised in advance in writing that you require it. It may take some time before we can complete certified wipes. Please make arrangments at pciappt@gmail.com to arrange for a time to deliver your equipment to our workshop. If you prefer, we may be able to pick it up at your location, depending on the availability of our volunteers. WHO RECEIVES THE REFURBISHED COMPUTERS? Your computers and peripherals will be offered at very low cost to low-income families, not-for-profit charities, veterans, senior centers, and religious organizations. These computers can change lives. HOW DOES MY DONATION PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT? It is estimated that every week more than 16 tons of computer equipment is thrown into local landfills. By donating this equipment for reuse instead of throwing it in the trash, your business can make a positive contribution to green initiatives. Give old technology a new purpose and keep it out of the waste stream. IS MY DONATION TAX DEDUCTIBLE? Yes. Phoenix Computers is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donations may be tax-deductible and you will be provided with a receipt from Phoenix Computers in exchange for your contribution. WHAT EQUIPMENT IS PHOENIX COMPUTERS LOOKING FOR?  Desktops and laptops i3 or AMD6 or higher.  Memory chips (DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4)  Printers both laser and inkjet, cartridges and toner  Flat screen monitors 26” or larger in working order with power supplies  Flat screen monitors of any size with built in webcams  Speakers with power supplies and cables. If you wish to speak to someone regarding your donation, please email us at PhoenixComputers.Director@gmail.com and ask to have one of our volunteers call you about a business donation. Phoenix Computers is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher.